16th of October, 2016

Motion Designer

To animate got just the same meaning as bring to life

There are a few artists who work with stop motion animation in Ukraine. Although, this movement is growing fast nowadays. Roman told us about the main pleasures and challenges of his work. One cannot but admit that his works are inspiring.
I can use any kind of materials. I felt experienced at the moment after I realized there is not a crumb left when I`m finished. You should use your creativity to make a road out of emery, or make papier mache from toilet paper to imitate the structure of the wall.
I use styrofoam balls inside the puppets bodies to make the figures less heavy. It is much more easy to move them afterwards.
...and their clothes, I sew them by myself. They are all like children in their small jackets and sweaters.
I used to work with children during some study projects. The problem is children do not dream nowadays. They are imagining the things that already exist, like cartoon characters. But they cannot image something new. Only a few of them were capable of doing that.
I am not afraid to share knowledge and skills I have. After I started with animation, I found myself doing things I really love to.

There lots of tricks in the animation process. Lots of hidden wires and mechanisms to make a tiny car wink with a headlight. Roman characterizes himself as a tricky person. Anyway, lots of focuses are still left behind the screen. But there is one thing that we can conclude for sure...
You can animate anything you want...
Which literally means, there is nothing in a single world one cannot make move or breath.
Photos and story: Tetiana Semeiko
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